The Mao Era in Objects

List of sources

Type Title
Image Chairs And Stools: Furniture In Propaganda Posters
Image Typewriters: Cartoon
Image Typewriters: Sheffield Machine
Image Typewriters: The Shu Zhendong Chinese Typewriter
Image Typewriters: Manufacturing Plant
Image Typewriters: Double Pigeon
Image Typewriters: Mao-era Propaganda Poster Featuring Chinese Typist
Image Typewriters: Chinese Typist Demonstrating Machine At Trade Show
Image Typewriters: Image Of Female Chinese Typist
Image Typewriters: Tray Bed Guide
Image Typewriters: 'Typed-and-mimeographed' book
Image Typewriters: Mao-era Musical Score
Image Typewriters: Diagram Explaining Principle Of New Tray Bed Layout
Image Typewriters: Sinotype 3
Image Typewriters: Post-Mao era 'Typed-and-mimeographed' Journal
PDF Bricks: Su Changyou’s Advanced Bricklaying Techniques
PDF Bricks: An Illustrated Manual of Brick Construction Practices
Image Typewriters: Diagram Showing How To Use A Chinese Typewriter
Video Typewriters: Video Demonstrating Its Use
Image Bricks: 'The Soviet Union Is Our Model' Poster
PDF Bricks: On Materiality
PDF Bricks: Architectural Journal
PDF Bricks: Wall Reform Booklet
Video Typewriters: MC Hammer
Image Chairs And Stools: Image Of The '36 Feet'
Image Chairs And Stools: Pre-1949 Carpenter Workshops In Beijing
Image Chairs And Stools: Measurements For Seating
Image Chairs And Stools: Magazine Image Explaining Material Usage
Text Chairs And Stools: Wu An'na's Recollection In The New York Times
Image Chairs And Stools: 1960 Beijing Timber Mill Furniture Exhibition Catalogue
Image Chairs And Stools: Furniture Rental Booklet
Image Chairs And Stools: DIY Furniture Manuals
Image Chairs And Stools: Mid-1970s Furniture Drawings
Image Chairs And Stools: Late 1970s Drawings Of Modular Multi-purpose Furniture
Image Flexi-Disc: NatGeo
Image Flexi-Disc: Sonorama
Image Flexi-Disc: Krugozor (Кругозор)
Image Flexi-Disc: Renmin Huabao (人民画报)
Image Flexi-Disc: China Records Group (中国唱片) Logo
Image Flexi-Disc: Picking Medicinals (Visual)
PDF Flexi-Disc: Picking Medicinals Accompanying Booklet
Image Flexi-Disc: Guangming Daily (光明日报) Sketch
Image Borrowed Books: Circulation Card 1
Image Borrowed Books: Circulation Card 2
Image Borrowed Books: The Young Guard (青年近卫军)
Image Borrowed Books: Fadeev In Shanghai
Image Borrowed Books: Advertisement For The Popular Editions Series
Image Borrowed Books: Kaiming Bookstore Logo And Price
Image Borrowed Books: Book Covers Of 'Popular Editions Of Soviet Literature Series'
Image Borrowed Books: Summary Of The Young Guard (青年近卫军)
Text Radio Interview
Image Radio: 1959 Broadcast Station At A Water Reservoir Construction Site
Image Radio: Construction Workers Tune In
Image Radio: Listening To The Radio In 1956
Image Radio: Children Assemble Radio In The Early 1960s
Image Handloom Cloth: Production
Text Handloom Cloth: People's Daily Article
Image Handloom Cloth: Line Drawing Of Handloom
Image Washbasin: 1956 Interior, Exterior, Factory Seal
Image Washbasins In Factory Nursery
Image Washbasin: Good Hygiene
Image Washbasin: Hydrogen Bomb Design
Image Washbasin: Lanzhou 'Prize'
Image Washbasin: 1953 China Department Store Enamel Mug
Image Washbasin: Women Pilots And Parachutists
Image Murals: Great Leap Forward, Handscroll Painting By Guan Shanyue
Image Murals: 1950 Mass Art Handbook
Image Mural Toolkit
Image Murals: 1958 Mass Art Handbook
Image Murals: Zhang Guangyu Mural Design
Image Murals: Cultural Revolution Wall Painting
Image Murals: Auntie Liang
Image Murals: Wang Fuwen
Image Murals: Beijing Zoo
Image Murals: Popularization Gallery
Image Murals: Singing Whale
Image Agricultural Tools: 1962 'Spring Plowing' Poster
Image Agricultural Tools: Soviet Combined Harvester Stalinez-4
Image Agricultural Tools: Application Of Various Technologies For Plowing, Harrowing, Sowing And Harvesting
Image Agricultural Tools: 1957 Collection Of Materials On Exhibited Agricultural Tools
Image Agricultural Tools: Restoring The Reputation Of The Two-Wheeled Doubled-share Plough
Image Agricultural Tools: Know-how Of Improving Farming Tools
Image Agricultural Tools: Wheel-barrow With Ball-bearings
Image Agricultural Tools: Wooden Railroad Tracks For Transportation
Image Agricultural Tools: Wind-powered Waterwheel
Image Agricultural Tools: Sowing Machines
Image Agricultural Tools: Household Sun-heated Cooker
Image Agricultural Tools: Bio-thermal Energy
Image Agricultural Tools: Acupuncture Points Of A Pig
Image Agricultural Tools: Treatment Of Swine Flu
Image Great Hall Of The People: The Parade For The Founding Of The People’s Republic Of China
Image Great Hall Of The People: Celebrating The Tenth Anniversary Of The Founding Of The Country In Journal of Architectural Studies
Image Great Hall Of The People: Exterior Of Main Façade
Image Great Hall Of The People: Repair Of The Interior Of The Banqueting Hall
Image Great Hall Of The People: Large Assembly Hall Interior
Image Great Hall Of The People: Suspended Star Studded Sky In The Main Hall
Image Handwritten Entertainment Fiction: Sample of Handwritten Fiction
Image Handwritten Entertainment Fiction: Cover Of The Second Handshake (第二次握手)
Image Handwritten Entertainment Fiction: Cover Of The 1979 And 2018 The Second Handshake
Image Handwritten Entertainment Fiction: Covers Of Post-Mao Comic Versions Of The Second Handshake
Image Handwritten Entertainment Fiction: Travel Route
Image Beijing International Club: Image Of The Building From The Exterior
Image Beijing International Club: Map Of Diplomatic Buildings In 1970s Beijing
Image Beijing International Club: Floor Plan
Image Beijing International Club: American Report
Image Beijing International Club: Wu Guanzhang
Image Beijing International Club: Façade
Image Beijing International Club: Garden
Image Beijing International Club: Distribution Of Artworks
Image Beijing International Club: Artworks In Beijing International Club
Image Beijing International Club: Lights
Image Beijing International Club: Lifestyle
Video Documentary Film: Victory Of The Chinese People
Image Documentary Film: A Film Projectionist In Action
Video Documentary Film: Million Heroes Cross The Yangtze
Image Wristwatch Paperwork
Image Wristwatches: Shanghai Brand Logo Designs
PDF Wristwatches: Chen Yilin Remembers His Watches
Image Wristwatches: Children's Toys
Image Mao Posters: The 3 July And 24 July Proclamations Are Chairman Mao's Great Strategic Plans!
Image Mao Posters: The Great Leader And Teacher Chairman Mao Zedong
Image Mao Posters: Resolutely Support The Communique Of The Eleventh Plenum of the Eighth Party Congress, Warmly Welcome A New Great Victory Of Mao Zedong Thought
Image Mao Posters: The Red Flower Of Dazhai Blossoms Everywhere
Image Mao Posters: Expressing Revolutionary Commitment
Image Mao Posters: Chairman Mao Goes To Anyuan
Image Mao Posters: Pledging Allegiance
Image Mao Posters: Advance Victoriously While Following Chairman Mao's Revolutionary Line In Literature And The Arts
Image Mao Badges: Standard Mao Badges
Image Mao Badges: Early Mao Badge
Image Mao Badges: Revolutionary Heritage Badge
Image Mao Badges: Chairman Mao Goes To Anyuan
Image Mao Badges: Badges In Posters
Text Mao Badges: Memories Of Badge Acquisition
Image Mao Badges: 9th Congress
Image Mao Badges: Mao Zedong And Lin Biao Badge
Image Mao Badges: Young Mao Badge
Image Mao Badges: Centenary Mao Badge
Image Mao Badges: Shaoshan Badge
Image Children's Magazines: Magazine Covers Pre- And Post-Revolution
Image Children's Magazines: 1951 Magazine Pages
Image Children's Magazines: 1950 Magazine Covers
Image Children's Magazines: Drawing Manual
Image Children's Magazines: International Children's Day
Image Children's Magazines: International Friendship
Image Children's Magazines: The Four Pests Campaign And The Great Leap Forward
Image Children's Magazines: Education Scenes
Image Children's Magazines: From Young Pioneers To Little Red Guards
Image Children's Magazines: Letter From The Editor Of Good Children
Image Dance Props: Celebrate Ten Years Of Victory
Video Dance Props: Video Collage
Image Dance Props: Celebrating The People’s Republic Of China’s National Day
Image Dance Props: Learning From Folk Artists
Image Dance Props: Dance Diplomacy - 'Red Silk Dance'
Video Dance Props: Red Silk Dance Video
Text Dance Props: Studying Silk Dance English Translation
Image Dance Props: Dance Handbook
Image Dance Props: Dance In Propaganda Posters
Image Money: Renminbi, 1-yuan note, People’s Bank of China, 1969 (front)
Image Money: Renminbi, 1-yuan note, People’s Bank of China, 1969 (back)
Image Money: Poster 'Our Tractor Drivers'
Image Money: 1-fen coin
Image Money: Four receipts from the late 1960s
Video Money: The woman who digitally engraved 100-yuan banknotes
PDF Money: Graphic showing how to read the 1-yuan note
Text Handwritten Entertainment Fiction: Excerpt From Zhang Yang's Autobiography
Text Handwritten Entertainment Fiction: Translation Of The Beginning Of The 1974 The Second Handshake
Image Personal Diaries: Peace Diary
Image Personal Diaries: The Blue Book
Image Personal Diaries: Work Diary
Image Personal Diaries: Model Diaries For Schoolgirls
Image Personal Diaries: New Citizen’s Fountain Pen
Image Personal Diaries: Red Star Diary
Image Personal Diaries: People’s Diary
Image Personal Diaries: Work And Study Diary
Image Personal Diaries: The Age Of Greatness
Image Personal Diaries: Sun Yat-sen Suit / Mao Suit
Image Personal Diaries: A Record Of Achievement
Image Little Red Book: First Edition
Image Little Red Book: Dedication Page Written By Lin Biao
Image Little Red Book: Second Edition
Image Little Red Book: Alternative Edition Cover Image
Image Little Red Book: Raw Material Supply Poster
Text Air Defence Shelter: 1976 Guardian Article On Nixon's Shelter Visit
PDF Air Defence Shelter: Illustrations Of Early Shelters
Image Air Defence Shelter: Mao-era Illustrations
Video Air Defence Shelter: Tunnel Warfare
Text Air Defence Shelter: Underground Entrepreneurship
Image Air Defence Shelter: The Shelter In Art
Image Air Defence Shelters: Shelter Song
PDF Air Defence Shelter: How To Grow Mushrooms Underground
Image Wristwatches In Film 'Nurse's Diary'
Text Big-character Poster: Interview 'Copying Big-character Posters As Part Of The Revolution'
Text Big-character Poster: Interview Resistance During The Cultural Revolution
Text Big-character Poster: Translation Of Bombard the Headquarters Poster
Image Big-character Poster: 'Bombard The Headquarters' Poster
Text Big-character Poster: Wei Jingsheng's 'Fifth Modernization'
Image Little Red Book: Today
Image Little Red Book: Revolutionary Textbook
Image Little Red Book: As An Icon
Image Little Red Book: From The Cities To The Countryside
Image Little Red Book: As Ideological Weapon
Image Handloom Cloth: From Zhouzhi, Shaanxi Province, China
PDF Handloom: Rural And Urban Cloth Consumption From 1952 To 1982
Text Handwritten Entertainment Fiction: Spy Stories
Text Great Hall Of The People: A Former Resident Of Qianfu Hutong Recalls
Text Washbasin: Descendant Of Qiu Jin Visits East China Normal University
Text Murals: Reports On Pi County Murals, From People's Daily
Image Murals: Professional Artists Painting Peasant Murals
Image Murals: Murals By Lu Xun Academy Of Fine Arts
Image Dance Props: Studying Silk Dance Chinese Original
Audio Flexi-Disc: Picking Medicinals (Audio)
Text Little Red Book: Circular Concerning The Withdrawal Of All Copies Of The Quotations
Text Money: Ma Rong In Women Of China
Image Typewriters: Lisa Simpson Using A 'Chinese Typewriter'
Image Air Defence Shelter: The Shelter In Propaganda Posters
PDF Radio: Women Of China Article
PDF Radio: People's Liberation Army Notification
Image Wristwatches: Proliferation Of China-made Watches
Image Wristwatches: Consumer Frenzy To Buy Domestic Watches
Image Wristwatches: Mr. Chen Acquires A Wristwatch
Image Wristwatches: Mao And Zhou At Beijing Airport
Text Documentary Film: Interview with Wu Benli
Text Documentary Film: Ministry of Labour Study Group discusses Victory of the Chinese People
Text Documentary Film: Screening Announcement for Victory of the Chinese People
PDF Documentary Film: Interview with Wu Benli (Chinese version)
Image Big-character Poster: Hong Kong Ta Kung Pao Article
PDF Big-character Poster: In The 1989 Tiananmen Protests